Posted by Brad McDonald on October 8th, 2007

reaper2.jpgI’m not usually a fan of anonymous online sniping, but I’ll make an exception for (chuckling at someone picking on big media companies doesn’t exactly trouble my conscience). Blogging under the pseudonym “The Reaper,” this apparent insider does what people in every troubled industry do: speculate on when others will go out of business. With categories such as “Hanging On By A Thread” and “Instant Death Candidates,” this is schadenfreude at its finest.

The Reaper even scored an interview in MediaLife. Here’s the intro.

The golden era of magazines is over, as the recent chill in ad pages and large number of high-profile closures can attest, so why not have a little fun with it? That’s the idea behind the blog, the snarky site launched nearly two years ago to predict what publications would be put down next.

Read the rest right here.

Even Jon Fine, the media critic for Business Week, got in on the action with a column about The Reaper.

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