Motocross Media Landscape: The Trends Don't Lie
Creating the graph below reinforced to me how significantly consumer attention has shifted from print to the Internet. Once the center of the motocross media world, the dominant brands of yesterday are now challenged by circulation that ranges from stagnant to falling. While this has been happening for years and isn’t a news flash to anyone who’s been paying attention, the trend is accelerating. The magazines themselves have websites with audiences that dwarf their print counterparts.

For consumers, this new era is great. A smart phone in everyone’s pocket and hours at a desktop computer assures that waiting for news and race results are a thing of the past. You can search any product, rider or company and find detailed answers within seconds. And for the super-fans who want to go deeper, being part of and shaping the conversation has never been easier.

Magazine circulation was taking from publisher-supplied postal statements, Vital MX traffic is from Google Analytics.