About Us
BRAD MCDONALD President / CEO A veteran of action sports media, Brad got his start in the business as a photographer, shooting for various editorial and commercial clients. In 1992, Brad launched Ride BMX magazine, followed by Snap magazine in 1994. Both titles were sold to TransWorld Media in 1998. In his subsequent eight years with TransWorld, he launched TransWorld Motocross, and rose to the position of Group Publisher. Seeing the dramatic shift among consumers toward online media, Brad left TransWorld in early 2006 to launch Vital Media Network.  
TODD TOTH VP of Sales Prior to co-founding Vital, Todd was at TransWorld Media for 9 years. In the position of Associate Publisher, he oversaw sales and marketing for TransWorld Motocross and Ride BMX. Todd started his career in the marketing department at GT Bicycles, where he worked for five years.  
Kyle Carlson Content Director, Vital BMX  
Aaron Chandler Director of Web Development and IT

Steve Giberson Content Director, Vital MX  
Michael Lindsay Content Manager, Vital MX  

Christine McDonald CFO
Michael Morgan MX Sales Manager

Jack White Sales Representative  
Shawn Spomer Content Director, Vital MTB  

Brandon Turman Content Manager, Vital MTB  
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Feel free to contact us directly with any questions:
Brad McDonald President BMcDonald@VitalMediaNet.com
Todd Toth VP of Sales TToth@VitalMediaNet.com
Kyle Carlson Vital BMX Content Director KCarlson@VitalBMX.com
Steve Giberson Vital MX Content Director SGiberson@VitalMX.com
Shawn Spomer Vital MTB Content Director SSpomer@VitalMTB.com
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