While residing in Whistler before Crankworx, Vital editor Brandon Turman caught wind of Finn Iles. Finn is a 14-year old BC local who grew up riding Whistler and the surrounding areas. What makes Finn unique is he absolutely rips on a bike. Specifically, he loves to hit the man-sized Crabapple hits that the Whip Off World's are hosted on. After finding out Finn was barred from Whip Off World's because he's 'too young,' Brandon got to work. Vital filmed the video below, launched it on the site and promoted it on social media with the hashtag #letfinnin. The video quickly went viral with over 4,700 Facebook shares, hundreds of tweets, and thousands of instagram comments.

The result? They let Finn in! We were stoked at this point, but it got better when Finn won the contest! It was an unbelievable start to what looks it could be a great career.

Check the video that started it all:

14-Year-Old Finn Iles is a Future Whip-Off World Champ - #FinnIsIn

Following Whip Off World's we received this awesome note from Finn's Mom:

I really need to write to everyone at Vital and pass on a HUGE thanks for the #letfinnin rally video. It could not have played out any better and I’m not sure anyone could have predicted how all of this went. Thank you for getting behind him, believing in him, shooting the video, and rallying your readers. YOU made the difference (as well as Whistler locals Adam and Katrina). It is an awesome story and I want you all to know how much we appreciated the effort you made to #letfinnin. We will never forget your support.